Association Management
AM GUARD's unique features to manage your organization.

Central Database & Features
Stores individual and organization information, such as name and mailing address.

Management Modules
Ranging from membership to subscriptions to committees.

Financial Modules
Ranging from accounts receivable and payable to order entry and inventory.

Fund Raising
Provides the vital tools to manage campaigns, donations, and mailings to make your fund raising operations a success.

E-commerce/Web Interface
A complete web interface for your needs. Options for e-payments and bulk mailings.

Technical Support
System requirements, troubleshooting, and overview of the system itself.

Contact Sales Rep
Direct contact for inquiries for purchase of the AM Guard system.

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AM GUARD System Management Modules

The Management Modules were designed to provide management and staff the information they require to perform their functions. The system provides the user with access to multiple screens at a time, expanding their visibility to needed multi-departmental information. All of the Management Modules obtain basic Individual and Organizational information from the Central Data Base. All modules that involve financial activity are fully integrated with the Financial Modules. When any module creates a financial transaction, the corresponding Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger transactions are automatically generated by the system and immediately available for inquiry in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the General Ledger.

Membership Management
The Membership Management modules lets the user record, report, and manage membership participation in the activities of the association. The module supports user defined individual or organizational membership and membership structures, such as "members at large" or national, state, and local affiliations. The module's built in flexibility allows for user defined parameters including: membership types, variable rate structures, promotional campaigns, renewal notices, and dues invoicing. The system supports the preparation of labels, letters, membership cards, and management statistics.

Associations can record, manage, and track event information, including attendee registration for events and sub-events (sessions, seminars, and "outside" activities.) The Meetings Management module provides users the ability to define parameters for each event or sub-event including: site (City, State, Convention Hall or Hotel); beginning and ending dates and times; room assignments and confirmation letters; registration and cancellation fees by registration type (early-bird, member/nonmember, etc.) The module generates tickets, rosters, labels, and speaker/VIP ribbons and badges.

Exhibitor Management
The Exhibitor Management module lets users record, report, and manage exhibitors at association events. The module interfaces with the Meetings Management module for event information and can handle multiple events concurrently. Users can define multiple parameters including: booth rates, payment schedules, and cancellation penalties. The module produces labels and rosters for the events in addition to Exhibitor Directories and management reports.

The Subscription Management module lets users record, report, and manage subscribers to your association publications. The module allows the definition of any number of publications and subscription types. There is flexibility in the setting up of various rate structures and terms for each publication, providing the association with the ability to recruit new readers and retain existing subscribers. The module lets users define promotional campaigns and track their success. A full featured Circulation Audit module is also available.

The Committee Management module lets associations maintain and report on committee activity and the individuals within them. Three group levels may be tracked: Committee, Subcommittee, and Task Force. The module can track any number of committees with each committee having any number of Subcommittees, and subcommittees can have any number of Task Forces. The module tracks position and term of service, allowing for a continuous history of committee appointments.

The Officer Management module provides a means to record, report, and manage members that have held association office. For each individual, the module tracks position and term of service, allowing for a continuous history of officer appointments.

Insurance Claims
The Insurance Claims module provides a means to record and track insurance claims. The module records specific information about the insured, claimant, and witnesses. The module also tracks medical visits and financial information.

The Sanctions module enables associations to sanction events held by member clubs or similar organizations. The module records event information and generates insurance certificates.

Media Relations
The Media Relations module provides associations with the ability to define media contacts and media organizations, and classify them by area of interest and geographic areas.

Facility Management
The Facility Management application provides asset management services to record, report, and manage the various facilities and facility elements owned and/or managed by the association. Each facility is defined in terms individual elements or components to be managed (rooms, campsites, etc.). Each element is defined in terms of features, rates, availability, and GL account. The application also includes a comprehensive availability search and reservation booking capability.

Continuing Education
The Continuing Education application is used to define Certification and Award criteria and identify those individuals that qualify. The application also tracks individuals that have been identified, nominated, and or received their accolade.