Association Management
AM GUARD's unique features to manage your organization.

Central Database & Features
Stores individual and organization information, such as name and mailing address.

Management Modules
Ranging from membership to subscriptions to committees.

Financial Modules
Ranging from accounts receivable and payable to order entry and inventory.

Fund Raising
Provides the vital tools to manage campaigns, donations, and mailings to make your fund raising operations a success.

E-commerce/Web Interface
A complete web interface for your needs. Options for e-payments and bulk mailings.

Technical Support
System requirements, troubleshooting, and overview of the system itself.

Contact Sales Rep
Direct contact for inquiries for purchase of the AM Guard system.

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AM GUARD System Central Database & Features

The AM GUARD System Management and Financial Modules use the Central Database to obtain Individual and Organization information, such as name, mailing address, etc. The concept of a Central Database enables the association to store individual and organization information only once, no matter how many departments have contact with the member, thus insuring efficient and accurate data entry without data duplication. Once the data has been entered, it is available to all authorized users within the association.

Application Information

Individual information, such as first, middle and last name, formatted name, nick name, spouse, home title, and related organization is maintained by this application. Profile information, such as education level, fax list membership, and other association unique data is also maintained. The application links to the address application for home and mailing addresses and it also shows individual relationships, e.g. meeting registrations and membership.

Organizational information, such as name, type, primary contact, and profile information is maintained in this application. It links to the address application for home and mailing addresses and it also shows organization relationships, e.g. related individuals, exhibit activity, and membership.

Multiple Addresses
All addresses entered into the system are maintained by this application. It provides for entry of "snow bird" or alternate addresses based on dates.

The Utilities module provides the system administrator an easy means for maintaining user defined data values and their definition. Many of the data fields in the AM GUARD System are user defined and the various modules use these user defined values for data validation.

The AM GUARD System provides security to the screen level. Users are assigned to "groups" and groups are assigned rights for every screen. Group rights for a given screen can be defined as: Find, Update, Add, Delete, any combination, or none.


The AM GUARD System was designed to provide associations with the ability to define their own valid codes and definitions. For example, associations define their own member types and fee structures, or their own position description codes and their description. The system also provides associations the ability to define additional data fields, valid entry codes and their definitions. For complex requirements, our experienced team of software developers can modify interfaces and modify system functionality to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Import/Export Capabilities

The AM GUARD System modules have the ability to export all system reports to an ASCII file as both formatted and raw data. The files can be read into word processing, spreadsheets, or other office automation software products. The system has the ability to export address information to third party address validation software and import the corrections into the system.