Association Management
AM GUARD's unique features to manage your organization.

Central Database & Features
Stores individual and organization information, such as name and mailing address.

Management Modules
Ranging from membership to subscriptions to committees.

Financial Modules
Ranging from accounts receivable and payable to order entry and inventory.

Fund Raising
Provides the vital tools to manage campaigns, donations, and mailings to make your fund raising operations a success.

E-commerce/Web Interface
A complete web interface for your needs. Options for e-payments and bulk mailings.

Technical Support
System requirements, troubleshooting, and overview of the system itself.

Contact Sales Rep
Direct contact for inquiries for purchase of the AM Guard system.

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AM GUARD System E-commerce/Web Interface

The newest and most exciting addition to the AM GUARD System is the Web Interface. Below you will find highlights of the different aspects of the Web Interface, including Security and Email, Membership, Meetings and Events, Fund Raising, Online Store, Subscription, and Member Services. More features are continuously being added, too.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact a Sales Representative.


Once the system has verified a user id and password, the system determines what functions are available for each user. It also provides for password reminder assistance based on email address, a personal question, and valid answer. Once verified, all processes of the user are tied to the user id providing an audit trail of all activity. Most processes email the user with a statement of activity (Thank you for: member renewal, meeting registration, submitting an address update, etc.) to further insure the action was initiated by the member.

This arrangement enables us to provide our clients several options for implementing Internet interoperability for their specific environment. For example, Individual and Organization Maintenance for items such as Name and Address changes, Areas of Interest and other profile information including Courses, Awards, Certificates earned or received outside the association. The system can be set up to enable updates directly from the Internet source, or a log can be created where an association staff member must authorize the change before it takes place.

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Membership Renewal has been made so easy that no one will have an excuse now. Once the user logs into the system and is prompted on the main menu to renew his membership (if it has expired), the system is searched for all available membership options, and those along with all the relative user information is displayed for the user. Credit card payment is processed immediately and all the appropriate receipts are generated in the system. No other action is required from the client. It couldn't be simplier!

New membership's can also be handled via the Internet. Depending on the client, new Membership Applications can be processed immediately or accepted for approval by the Association.

Each separate application is driven by a main page which is easily updated by any authorized office personnel. The page is a quick view of what is available to the user and what he or she may need to know. The page can easily be modified to reflect your Association's needs.

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Meetings and Events
The Meetings and Events application strives to give the end user all the flexibility needed in the process of registering for a meeting or event, including all subevents that a meeting may have. Meeting Registrations are typically processed immediately by the system if the registrant is a member of the association and the registration is accompanied by a credit card payment. Registrations can be submitted as 'requests' if the registrant is not currently a member (or not a valid member type for the event). Similar processes are available for Exhibitors, and Subscribers.

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Fund Raising
Fund Raising is a very important aspect to most Associations.

Contributions can be made to any of the active Fund Raising Campaigns. Donations made via the internet receive a Thank You via email and can also receive a printed Thank You along with donations processes by hand internally.

The Fund Raising application interfaces with the Financial Management system for cash receipts, and generates the requisite Accounts Receivable and General Ledger transactions. Each campaign can be defined to its own General Ledger account numbers.

Another handy function is the ability to review donation history. The end-user is therefore able to see what donations have been made in the past and will give them an visual feedback of where their money has been attributed.

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Online Store
As with most Order Entry applications, the Online Store lets Internet users select and purchase items sold by your organization. Unlike the other applications, our Store allows users to select all items in a particular Category or Product Line, e.g. all products in the Junior Category (Books, Video Tapes, Clothing, Research Papers, etc.) or all items in the Video Tape Product Line (Junior, Senior, Safety, Marketing). The store even accepts Credit Vouchers and Gift Certificates issued by the organization.

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The Subscription application provides internet users the ability to place (or renew) an order for any of the magazines currently offered by the organization. The application provides for multiple magazines, date sensitive promotions with term based rates, member/non-member & domestic/foreign rate calculations. Internet users can also specify ship to names and/or addresses that are different from the subscriber.

This application can also be used by Retail Stores to modify their current commercial account order with the organization. Both Retail Stores and advertisers could use the application to view their current account activity.

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Member Services
Member Services will be tailored to each individual assocation's needs due to the extrememly wide range of services each assocation can provide.

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