Association Management
AM GUARD's unique features to manage your organization.

Central Database & Features
Stores individual and organization information, such as name and mailing address.

Management Modules
Ranging from membership to subscriptions to committees.

Financial Modules
Ranging from accounts receivable and payable to order entry and inventory.

Fund Raising
Provides the vital tools to manage campaigns, donations, and mailings to make your fund raising operations a success.

E-commerce/Web Interface
A complete web interface for your needs. Options for e-payments and bulk mailings.

Technical Support
System requirements, troubleshooting, and overview of the system itself.

Contact Sales Rep
Direct contact for inquiries for purchase of the AM Guard system.

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AM GUARD System Financial Modules

All of the Financial modules in AM GUARD obtain basic Individual and Organizational information from the Central Data Base and are fully integrated with the other Financial Management modules. When any module creates Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable transactions, the corresponding General Ledger transactions are automatically generated by the system and immediately available for inquiry in the General Ledger.

General Ledger
The General Ledger can easily be tailored to compliment any organizational structure. The data can also be imported into most popular spreadsheets. The user may query, through the General Ledger, any financial transaction from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory Control, or Purchase Order prior to those transactions actually being posted to the sub-ledgers. The General Ledger provides for: an unlimited number of years detail; user defined balance types; powerful ad-hoc detail account inquiry; and, user defined financial statement formats.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable lets users customize customer profiles to fit your organizations needs. The module features detail history, cash receipts, sales and invoicing functions, lockbox procedures, and credit card processing. The module provides flexible reports and customer statements.

Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable module allows for use of multiple checking and Accounts Payable accounts, unlimited vendor detail history, flexible check processing, multiple General Ledger distributions and 1099 processing. The module is fully integrated with all of the Management Modules and financial activity pertaining to overpayments and refunds are automatically updated in Accounts Payable so the user may create payments.

Order Entry / Invoicing
Order Entry / Invoicing features the online input of orders with the ability to produce quotations, invoices, picking tickets, and back orders. The module can handle kits or groups of items. The system captures promotional information enabling analysis of promotional campaigns. The module automatically calculates freight charges and applicable discounts defined in the Inventory Control module. Inventory is instantly updated showing items committed via orders and eventually no longer in inventory when items are shipped.

Inventory Control
The Inventory Control module provides the organization with the ability to gain control over inventory management with a host of effective management reports. The system features a flexible item information set-up, enabling the user to: define suppliers; customize pricing and discounts based on membership type/status and customer type; define special promotional discounts and volume discounts.

Purchase Order / Receiving
The Purchase Order / Receiving module enables organizations to gain control over the ordering and receipt of goods and services. The module is integrated with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Control. Fixed Assets are also managed by this module.

Fund Raising
The Fund Raising module provides associations the ability to define Fund Raising campaigns. Campaigns can include special events, such as a golf tournament, via integration with the Meetings Management module to track participants. The module can track multiple types of contributions including pledges, cash, or non-cash donations.    More Info...